I Belong To You, didn't you know that?

Billerica, MA USA

In case you need some joy:

Visit: bobsellon.com.

"But where can I get it?" you ask?

or the #distrokid preview page.

StecTools - Online Metronome

Our Metronome panel provides a musical timing reference that allows you to select (or tap) a tempo, select the sound to use for the click, set the reverb level and set a title then recall it later.

The ST Metronome

Check out Bob Sellon`s ST Metronome article for more information or go directly to the metronome here.

StecTools - Sound-pads

Our new Sound-pads panel provides large buttons that play drum and other percussion sounds when touched/clicked.

The StecTools Sound-pads

The sounds are loudest near the middle and are responsive enough to be used in a musical context on touch devices. You can adjust the size of the pads and pick which of the 45+ sounds to use (all of the sounds are shown by default) and adjust the reverb level and overall volume levels. Your settings changes are saved in the storage in your browser so it always comes back the way you left it if you reload the page later.

StecTools - QuickList

Our new QuickList panel is a simple web page for creating set lists with notes for each song.

The StecTools QuickList

Colors, fonts and some of the dimensions can be saved on a per-list basis. Visit Bob Sellon's software page for more details.

Online Tone Generator

We're pleased to announce a new . web-based tone generator (oscillator).

The Stec Records Web-Oscillator

This web-based tone generator can create sine waves (tones), square waves, triangle waves and saw-tooth waves at frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. Sine waves are typically used for audio testing since their smooth nature makes distortion easier to pick out with your ears and with test equipment. An example would be to feed it into your guitar amp and see if you hear distortion on clean settings. Same for PAs if you think a speaker is blown.

Stec Records Music Releases for 2022

Music releases by Stec Records artists this year include

Ooh La La

A new release by Stec Records recording artist Bob Sellon, "Ooh La La".

"I wish that I knew what I know now.."

Includes Brian Templeton on harmonica and artwork by Bob Conroy.

Visit: bobsellon.com.

Some places you can get it:

..or just say "Alexa, play Ooh La La by Bob Sellon"

Also check the #distrokid preview page.

"Pay" music by Bob Sellon

Billerica, MA USA

To help you keep the heat: "Pay " by Bob Sellon with Frank Sarcia and Brian Templeton.

Check here for a preview and list of music-sellers.

Visit BobSellon.com for more info.


Please note that our GotStew.com site contains information on food pantries, food banks and other resources for those who are struggling.

GotStew image-link

Budget Calculator

Billerica, MA USA

Update - Our Budget Calculator got a facelift and a feature upgrade with quantities now available for Income items letting you see how ticket prices vs number of tickets sold affects your bottom line. We also added button to show a text version of the budget suitable for cutting-and-pasting and made adjustments to the example musician rates (still probably below the poverty level).

The Stec Records Budget Calculator

Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel

Billerica, MA USA

Our virtual front panel for the Lexicon MPX G2 provides information about the controls and displays: "virtual MPX G2 panel"

Help-panel for the MPX G2

Clara Clock

Billerica, MA USA

The "ClaraClock.com" shows the current day of the week, date and time in large, easy to read fonts.

Example: Click to open the Clara Clock page

Update 3/26/2017 - Added a user editable message area with buttons to pick text color and size. The user clicks the [type here] area and uses their computer keyboard to change the message. i.e."Happy Birthday"

Update 11/10/2017 - Now available at "ClaraClock.com".

Quiet page

Our quiet page is just a blank if you need a clear browser screen: "Quiet Page"

Printer cleaner

Our printer cleaner page contains links to colored pages that are good for printer cleaning and testing: "Printer cleaner"