The new Stec Special ROM for the JamMan provides support for a EEPROM which allows most system parameters to be saved then restored on system power up (nonvolatile backup). The original JamMan was designed to use a EEPROM for storage of parameters but the part was ultimately left off to keep the price of the product down and software support for it was never added to the product (until now). To add this feature to your JamMan, refer to the "How do I get the EEPROM?" section below.  Refer to the "What is an EEPROM?" page for information about the differences between ROMs and EEPROMS.

Storing Parameters
When changes are made to system parameters that you would like to save as defaults on power up, press the STORE button (previously PARAMETER button). The display goes blank while the data is written to the EEPROM. When the display returns, the system parameters have been stored. The next time the system is power cycled, the parameters will return to their settings when you STORED them.
NOTE: Loops are cleared when a store operation is performed. I'm going to try to eliminate this in future versions but be warned.

Whats Stored?
- Channel Level (all Channels, all Pages)
- Channel Pan (all Channels, all Pages)
- Click Level
- Slap Level and Time
- Dry Level
- Divide
- Feedback
- Audio Threshold
- "Learned" MIDI controllers
- MIDI Channel
- Number of Beats
- Programmable MIDI Map
- Selected MIDI Map

Re-initializing The EEPROM
If you would like to (need too) reinitialize the contents of the EEPROM, press and hold the TAP button on power up. Once the system has finished it's version display, release the button. At this point, the default settings for the system will be loaded. Press the STORE button to save the default settings.

How do I get the EEPROM?
The EEPROM can be added to your system in at least three ways:
1. Send it to Stec for an update ($95)
2. Add it yourself
3. Take it to a local repair tech to add it.

The part itself is the NM93C66EN, a 4K BIT serial EEPROM in an 8 pin DIP package made by Fairchild Semiconductor and is available from some IC dealers but they sometimes require minimum quantites. The part is also available from Stec for $25.

Stec Updates
Stec Engineering will install the EEPROM in your system for a $95 fee. Please contact us at prior to shipping. The shipping address is:

Stec Engineering c/o Bob Sellon
42 Andover Rd
Billerica, MA 01821

The update includes installation and test of the EEPROM functionality. In addition, Stec performs a routine test of the overall system. repairs are charged seperately at a rate of $50 an hour plus parts. Please indicate if you would like repairs to be performed on your JamMan without your prior consent (to experdite turn around time).

Updates are typically completed in less than 1 week of arrival at our offices.

Add It Yourself
It turns out, there's really not much to it:
1. Get your hands on a 93C66 EEPROM, an 8 pin DIP socket and a 0.1uf capacitor.
2. Remove the cover from your JamMan (remember, they use those funny screws).
3. Suck the solder out of the holes for U7 and C12.
4. Place the 8 pin DIP socket into the holes (checking the pin orientation)
5. Place the 0.1uf cap into the C12 holes.
6. Solder in the socket and the cap. 
7. Put the EEPROM into the socket.
8. Replace the covers.

Not too bad but you should have some previous experience soldering PC boards (not just cables) so you don't damage the board or create solder shorts (globs of solder connecting points on the board that should not be connected). You also need to be real careful of static damage, particularly in the winter when it's dry.

For tools, you will need a soldering iron with a fine tip, solder (the Radio Shack kind with no acid will do), a solder sucker or "Solder Wick" (to remove the solder from the holes), the special screw driver to remove the cover.
NOTE: I always install a socket whenever I do this kind of update, though it's not technically required. I consider it cheap insurance in case I get a defective part or install it wrong, I can just pop the part out. Most parts on the JamMan are soldered in to keep the cost of the product down. You can install the EEPROM without the socket but be warned that you can only desolder components so many times before the etches on the PC board become damaged (even if you are an expert solderer). 

Take it to a local Repair Tech
This is basically the same as sending it to Stec except you bring a printout of this page along so the tech will know what to do. This is a good option if you have a good tech and you can't afford to go without your JamMan for a few weeks.