Sampler Mode

One of the new features of the Stec Special ROM is a MIDI triggerable sampler mode.In this mode, audio loops can "played" with a MIDI keyboard or via MIDI program change messages. The following graphic shows the whats going on:

Loop playback using a keyboard

Each key triggers the restart of a sample/loop and controls its playback signal level. Channel 1 is "C" at note number 84. All mixer channels are set to OFF when no keys are pressed.

Both the initialization and playback of loops can be triggered audio signal. The samples are initialized similar to in the looping mode except that each loop must be triggered to be recorded (not just selected).

A hidden function of the Feedback parameter allows triggering mode of the sample playback to be set; when Feedback is at 0, samples will be restarted each time the audio crosses the selected Threshold level but when the Feedback is not 0, each sample must finish playing before it can beretriggered. Note that the audio triggering only operates on the Active Channel. Triggering via MIDI notes is always available.