JamMan Special - Changes

Version 0.4
Mostly bug fixes in this version but a lot of important features have been straightened out. Again, many thanks to Ed Drake and Chuck Zwicky for some excellent feedback. Probably the most significant new features are the MIDI Soft through (passes through controllers, program changes and notes) and the new programmable MIDI Map feature for program changes. The following is a summary of the changes:
- moved RESET on controller 32 to controller 36
- Replaced FUNCTION SEL on front panel with Operating mode
- Restored Num Repeats on front panel
- added delay mode toggle to prog 20
- added sampler playback for progs 21-24
- added sampler mode toggle at prog 25 (turns it on and off)
- fixed the fade so it can be stopped and restarted
- added fade direction change a prog 26
- added trigger single channel (num repeats,etc) at prog 27 (triggers the selected chan)
- added all chan trig at prog 28
- added sampler trig mode toggle at prog 29 (turns the audio trigger on and off)
- added prog change maps (there are 3 hard coded maps and a fourth one you can set yourself. Details to follow)
- added programmable maps (as mentioned earlier) (Select using MIDI CC35. New maps below)
- added EEPROM init (hold down the STORE button on power up)
- fixed the click at the bottom of the fade.
- added soft through (set MIDI CC34 to any non-zero value to enable it. Gets stored in the EEPROM)

Version 0.3
This was an intermediate version. See V0.4 for the latest changes.

Version 0.2
There are actually quite a few changes from version 0.1. Again, thanks to UFO Walter for his comments and assistance, and to Ed Drake who has been testing the roms and giving me excellent feedback.
- MIDI Clock IN has been implemented. Like the original JamMan, if MIDI clock is coming in and you press TAP, the system will automatically close the loop for you based on the defined number of beats.
- MIDI Clock OUT has been implemented. Like the original JamMan, the number of MIDI clocks per loop is based on the number of beats selected.
- A Sampler Mode has been added. This allows you to "play" loops from a MIDI keyboard. Each loop is restarted as soon as the MIDI note ON is received. Each loop can be triggered for record or playback by audio level (like the original JamMan). (I've been wanting to do this for a long time. - Bob)
- A Vocoder/Mellotron mode has been added. This allows you to mute and un-mute loops based on MIDI notes. This is similar to the Sampler mode except that the loops are not restarted for each note, the MIDI notes just adjust the mixer levels.
- Nonvolatile backup of system parameters (over power cycle) is now supported. 

Version 0.1
The new rom has been roughly tweeked to work with new Lexicon RG2 remote. The main issue was getting all of the useful functions on two pages. The first page contains tap and most of the editing functions. The second page provides access to the various channels and pages as well as start/stop. Many thanks to UFO Walter who spent a day with me on his recent trip to the US during which we smoothed things out considerably.
- MIDI Program change commands are now supported. The map is similar to the original JamMan with some exceptions. Refer to the section 7.2. "Program Change" Control Map for the actual map.
- Display Changes: The display now tracks the operation of the system more closely, particularly with respect to MIDI control. Functions, Channels and Pages are now displayed when changes are made making it easier to confirm the operation.
- Dry level control has been added (default is now OFF like the original JamMan)
- Several additional parameters are now controllable via Continuous Controllers: Dry Level, Echo Divide, Feedback, Number of Beats, Number of Repeats (see the controller table).
- The rate for the Destructive Fade is now adjustable from the front panel
- Slap and click ON/OFF is now available via program change
- "Fade Main" is now available via program change
- The Continuous Controllers can now be made to work in the "toggle" mode: press and hold the TAP button to change the mode. The default is the momentary mode
- The default channel panning has been changed. Channel 1 is now in the center, channel 2 is left, channel 3 is right and channel 4 is in the center. This allows a bass line to be created first followed by the backup tracks.